Introducing Relay for Gmail

Create new Relay directly from your Gmail inbox.

* You'll also need access to the Relay Dashboard to link Relay and Slack.

The Relay for Gmail add-on keeps your boards and inbox connected for maximum productivity. You can create new Relays without leaving your inbox, whether that's on the web or your Gmail mobile app.

When you are tracking sales leads, managing customer feedback, or organizing an event, the Relay for Gmail add-on is a great way to tame the inbox onslaught and make sure nothing important gets lost in the mail.


There are two ways to install the Relay for Gmail add-on:

1. Directly from the G Suite Marketplace: while logged into the account you want to use the Relay for Gmail add-on with, visit the G Suite Marketplace. Click "Install" and then follow the prompts granting the add-on access. Return to your Gmail inbox, refresh the page, and then click on a message. The Relay for Gmail add-on will load in the panel on the right sidebar.

2. Directly from your new inbox: If you're using the new version of Gmail, you'll notice a plus icon on the right sidebar. Clicking this button will open the G Suite Marketplace and allow you to install the add-on without leaving your inbox.

After the Relay for Gmail add-on has been installed, the Relay logo will appear in the right-side panel while you're viewing an individual email. Click on the Relay logo while inside of an email and it will open the add-on.

Using the Add-on

Upon opening an email, the email subject automatically becomes the card title and the email body the card description. You can just hit "Submit" to create a new Relay!

Logging Out & Uninstallation

1. Logging Out

The Gmail add-on can support only one Relay account at a time, and you can swap to another account by logging out of Relay on the Gmail add-on first. With the add-on open, click on the three dots on the add-on and choose "Account". From here you can sign-out.

2. Uninstallation

In order to uninstall the Relay for Gmail add-on, go to Manage Apps in the G Suite Marketplace, click on the three-dotted menu and click "Remove".