Introducing Relay for Slack

Share and stay up-to-date with updates and follow-ups with real-time insights without leaving Slack.

How To Setup The Integration

  1. Sign up for a Slack account and a Relay account to get started. We advise you to use the same email because Relay will link your Slack and Relay workspaces via email.
  2. Install the Relay app for Slack to your Slack workspace.
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  3. After the installation is successful, you can use /relay help to get the detailed instructions, or check out these most important commands!

    • /relay create: Create a new Relay
    • /relay list: Display a list of your created Relays (as a lead)
    • /relay messages: Display a list of your received Relays (as an agent)
    • /relay help: Show detailed instructions on how to use the app

Relay Faster

Send and receive Relays directly from Slack to keep the work going.

Manage Better

Manage and access every Relay's progress in Slack, or see it in the Dashboard with just a click.

Never Miss A Step

Send out reminders and catch up with each other in separate threads.

Take Action With Relay

Don't rely on emojis and likes; rely on Relay.

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