Track in real time
customer feedback.
bug examples.
who signed off on your process change.
who acknowledges new assignments.
who completes tasks.
how long it takes to get everyone in alignment.

Relay reduces noise for you and your teams by making sure no one misses important updates that you need everyone to stay on top of. Relay simplifies workflows to boost your team’s performance with real-time engagement insights.

Create Relay

Quickly drop your content link or a short message
To keep things actionable - Assign a task, priority, and due date/time
Organize your Relays with tags

Track Your Team’s Performance at Scale

After creating your Relay, you can track your Relay’s open and completion rate in real time on the dashboard
You can also review and compare how your teams perform and how long they take to follow up

Increase Your Team’s Engagement

Your team receives automated reminders if they’re falling behind on a Relay that’s due or past-due across all platforms
Receive transparency and feedback from your team

Make Every Minute Count

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